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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Belinda Stronach

First it was Peter Mackay. Now political pundunt and for Mulroney staffer Norman Spector has joined the mix.

Mr. Spector is on record as referring to Belinda Stronach as "bitch" for breaking up Tie Domi and his wife and continuing that he "isn't suprised there was so much coverage of the 'dog comment' becuase there are so many female reporters on Parliament Hill."

I have nothing to say except that this is absolutely reprehensible. Since the day Ms. Stronach crossed the floor she has been subject to this kind of treatment. Its time all you Conservative partisans get over yourselves and understand that sometimes these things happen. We left David Emerson behind a long time ago. Stop treating Ms. Stronach like she is the reason the Tories lack any sort of respect from the people. You manage to do that just fine on your own.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ignatieff on Bush

Michael Ignatieff has attacked the Bush Presidency calling it a disaster, specifically attacking the handling of Iraq. First off, I couldn't agree more. However, it seems to me this is a simple case of damage control. Iggy makes inflamatory statements about Israel, so his team scatters to find something big to talk about that Canadians of come to a consensus on -- we don't like George W. So here we are. Tell me, does the Ignatieff team really think Liberals and Canadians are just going to forget how sad a politician Iggy is with a single statement?

Ontario Liberals top poll

The Star story shown here that the Ontario Liberals have topped an EKOS poll and have a comfortable 6 point lead on John Tory's Tories. Much of this may have to do with Mr. Tory having no real policy other than to challenge the Liberal Party. Someone tell me, other than opposing the new Trillium logo, what does John Tory actually stand for?

Taiwan is part of China?

I'd like to thank Cherniak for bringing this all to our attention.

I've always been one to say that Taiwan is the real China (not official Liberal policy, I know) and this statement from the Prime Minister is just riduculous.

Garth to the Greens?

Rumour has it Garth Turner will likely join the Green Party. Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Turner Out

Garth Turner, MP has been kicked out indeffinately from the Conservative Party caucus. From what I can see, for speaking his mind. That, of course, is a mind that has endorsed the Green Party's environmental platform above the Conservatives.

Now, would a Liberal Government do the same? Probably. We saw it with Carolyn Parrish. However, that is not the point. Harper has always critized Liberal Government MPs for being trained seals. So tell me, why is it so different when its one of his own? Is it a simple case of that was than, this is now?

By the way, check out the blog for Independant MP Garth Turner.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bob Rae's original statement on the Middle East

Ottawa (July 17, 2006) – Speaking today to a gathering of Liberal Party members in Trois Rivières, Liberal Leadership Candidate Bob Rae said that: "All Canadians share a sense of deep loss with the tragic deaths in Lebanon, Israel, and Gaza of innocent civilians. This is a time for all of us to express our strongest desire for peace and stability in a part of the world that is dear to Canada and Canadians."

"But we also expect our government to go beyond words. The Canadian government must respond to the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon."

"Canada must live up to the spirit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Lester B Pearson, who used his experience and understanding to defuse a crisis."

"Canada should have used the last 72 hours to make the case for UN peacekeepers on the border between Lebanon and Israel, accompanied by a firm timetable for a ceasefire and disengagement. The G8 proposals provide a good framework."

"The issue is not simply Israel's right to defend itself - it is how to police a border, how to reduce tension, how to create the preconditions for dialogue. Israel has a right to live in peace within secure, internationally recognized borders. At the moment this clearly requires the presence of peace monitors. Lebanon cannot and will not do it and has called for a UN presence on its soil to assist in this. The UN must respond."

"Canada's further efforts need to focus on the refusal of both Hezbollah and Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist. These radical groups, clearly fuelled by money and other assistance from Iran and Syria, point to the biggest obstacle to peace: an inability to accept Israel as a legitimate country in the region. Ideologies that cannot accept the presence of other people, with different religions, languages, and loyalties, are a profound threat to the peace of the world."

Helena Geuergis lack of knowledge

At this very moment I am witnessing Ms. Geuergis ask the question, "Where were Bob Rae and Gerrard Kennedy when other Liberal leadership candidates attacked Israel?"

To that I say I don't know where GK was. Defending Borys W.s of the world I suppose. However, Bob Rae was right there giving the clearest and most balanced statement on the Middle East. And to clarify that expect a copy of it here ASAP.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Response to Iggy from the CIC

Open letter to Mr. Ignatieff is right here.

Corey Lidle, 1972-2006

In situations such as this there is very little anyone can say. So all I will say is that I wish his family and friends well, and thank G-d that there weren't more hurt or killed.

Kadis leaves Iggy

I want to thank Cherniak for bringing this to our attention. I'm a little disappointed she didn't do it earlier, but commend Susan for standing up for her beliefs. Well done Ms. Kadis.

Ignatieff: Remarks made on Quebec television

Israel's attack on Qana a 'war crime.' That was the statement echoed by Mr. Ignatieff yesterday on the Quebec Radio-Canada program, Tout le monde en parle. Rash statements such as this do not help Mr. Ignatieff's campaign. More importantly, they do not help the Liberal Party of Canada. The situation that occurred in Qana has yet to be declared a war crime by any reputable international organization. Mr. Ignatieff should not jump to any conclusions. He has done that here.

With the investigation still ongoing, Mr. Ignatieff, as a Prime Ministerial hopeful should simply keep his mouth shut on the issue. As a former professor human rights and international law he knows this. Moreover, as a high profile Liberal he has a responsibility to the entire Liberal Party of Canada to further add to the anti-semitism that currently runs ramped in our party.

Not that my tiny little blog has any effect, but I demand that Mr. Ignatieff rescind such statements. They will not help anyone.

And on a personal note, stop listening to M. Corderre and M. Rodriguez. The last thing you need is to pay any attention to terrorist sympathizers such as them.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it. Its not reall my thing, but I did enjoy my traditional Thankgiving Chinese food dinner last night. So to those having turkey, enjoy that too.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Canada's position at the Recent Francophonie Summit

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made international news by insisting that both Israeli and Lebanese civilian deaths be acknowledged in a resolution adopted by the leaders of Francophone nations (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie). The language in the original draft of that resolution, as submitted by Egypt, would have taken into account only Lebanese casualties. Canada threatened to vote against this resolution unless it was modified to include recognition of deaths on both sides.

Both the Bloc Quebecois and the Liberals went on record supporting Prime Minister Harper's position.


I am proud to see that Liberals (and Bloc too) have rounded behind support of the Prime Minister when he manages to do something right. At least he has his head on straight with respect to the Middle East.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More of that Hidden Agenda

More that hidden agenda at work here folks. Now the Prime Minister is legalizing hate speech against members of the LGBT community. I believe in religious freedom. And as such I have accepted the idea that you cannot force religious officials to marry any couple for any reason. However, to voice their "criticism" is simply hate speech. We say the same when the do it with regards to other groups of people. This is no different.

And to the issue of justices of the your job! Sometimes people have to do something at work they don't like. So marry whoever walks up to your door or quit.

So what's next for the Tories? Perhaps criminalizing inter-racial marriage?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rona Ambrose new Cheif

So no one else is talking about it, so why don't I just bring it up.

It seems that most Liberals are too busy paying attention to leadership to such an extent that only our interim leader Bill Graham noticed enough to make a fuss about it. It seems Rona Ambrose has named former Conservative candidate in Richmond and president of Focus on the Family, Darrel Reid her new Cheif of Staff.

Now for those that forget Mr. Reid was the man who once challenged Muslims to prove that their religion was one of peace and compared Ottawa to Nazi Germany for holding a vote on equal marriage. Now correct me if I'm wrong (and perhaps the Tories out there can respond to this) but isn't the Conservative Party supposed to be moderating? Or is this just some more of that hidden agenda I smell?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Congrats to delegates

I want to take a out a special congradulations to all those who were elected as delegates, including my good friend John Lennard. Enjoy your time in Montreal everyone!