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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Harper Must Come Clean on Deceptive Financing

Harper has been playing politics and come clean on his alleged involvement in deceptive financing practices during the 2006 parliamentary election, the Liberals demanded today.

Stephane Dion challenge Harper the other day during question period regarding to subject, resulting in no answer.

Despite several opportunities to absolve himself of any implication in the scandal, Harper refused to answer the Liberals' questions, choosing instead to hide behind Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan.

The Conservatives are currently being investigated by Elections Canada for allegedly breaking campaign spending laws during the 2006 general election by funneling national advertising costs to regional candidates, who were then able to apply for taxpayer-funded rebates.

For a party that boasts accountability, the Conservatives’ own practices seem nothing short of hypocritical. It is time for Harper and his party to start telling the truth. Canadians deserve an honest and accountable government.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

transfers in and out of contituencies is common i believe that dions riding had several of these transfers of $12200 each wo money changing hands. Just because a liberal requests an investigation doesnt make it true or illegal. The cons have asked it to be repeated outside the common the libs refuse!

11:44 AM  

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