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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Liberals deliver a stronger, safer Toronto

Toronto Liberals met with transit commuters today at stops throughout
the city to discus their public safety strategy that is delivering
stronger and safer communities. The theme of the day's event was
"getting tough on crime, getting tough on the causes of crime."

The safety of our communities is a high priority for the Liberals.
"We are working hard with police and local communities to develop
solutions and support that make Toronto a safe place to live and raise
a family," said George Smitherman, MPP for Toronto-Centre. "By working
together, we are reducing crime and we will continue to see progress
on the streets and neighbourhoods of Toronto."

The McGuinty government has a strategy in place that is delivering a
stronger and safer City of Toronto, and includes:

•       The creation of the Guns and Gangs Task Force for tougher
prosecution of gang crimes, and to allow for a crack down on marijuana
grow-ops and crystal meth labs
•       250 new police officers on the streets of Toronto
•       Help for at-risk neighbourhoods through initiatives like the Youth
Challenge Fund, an investment of up to $45 million in programs,
training and jobs for youth.

"The Guns and Gangs Task Force is allowing for a transformation in the
prosecution of gang crimes in Toronto," said Kathleen Wynne, MPP for
Don Valley West. "We have already seen great success in this area and
we will continue to strengthen the ability of law enforcement and
local communities to keep our streets safe."  Several marijuana
grow-ops and crystal methamphetamine labs have already been shut down
to keep our streets safe.

Liberals are helping children in need living in at-risk
neighbourhoods.  At the Flemingdon Resource Centre in Don Valley West,
$3.5 million was provided last December to the United Way through the
Youth Challenge Fund to help local youth.  Another $28 million was
provided to the Malvern community in Scarborough.

"Across our city, our young people are looking for opportunities to
learn and succeed," said Bas Balkissoon, MPP for Scarborough-Rouge
River. "Projects sponsored through the Youth Challenge Fund will
connect youth to services and programs in the community to help them
reach their fullest potential."

The role of our law enforcement officers in keeping us all safe is
also celebrated by Liberals.  "The McGuinty Liberals support our
partners in law enforcement in their efforts to keep Toronto's streets
safe," said David Zimmer, MPP for Willowdale. "More police officers
mean that Toronto is a stronger, safer place to live and raise a

We now have 250 new police officers on the streets of our city.  Half
of these will focus on the community directly through street patrols,
school visits, and improved traffic enforcement, while the remaining
officers will address organized crime, guns and gangs, youth crime,
dangerous offenders, domestic violence, and protecting children from
dangers on the Internet.

For more information on how the McGuinty Liberals are delivering a
stronger, safer Toronto, visit

Harpreet Hansra

Monday, May 07, 2007

My absence...

I must apologize for my absence from blogging over the last number of weeks. I have both been involved in wrapping up the school year and moving from Sudbury to Toronto for the summer and dealing with some personal family issues. However, I can assure in due time I will be back up and blogging, and taking you complaints about my opinions on the Middle East. (Of course, I kid... ;)